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Cookies Policy

We employ the use of cookies. When you visit the Bitcoin Aussie System website, you’ll see our Cookies banner and will be able to manage your Cookies preferences.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are defined as small data files sent to a user’s device by the websites they visit. These data files are stored on your device via your browser. Then your browser sends them with the information they contain back to the websites you visit again. This way, the website you visit recognises you.

The primary goal of cookies is to improve your user experience. For example, cookies may help you store your passwords so you won’t have to input them every time.

Types of Cookies

  • Necessary cookies – used to operate basic website functions.
  • Functional cookies – used to store data, such as your location and username, to improve personalised functions.
  • Analytical cookies – used to collect data on visits, commonly visited websites, and other information to enhance user experience.
  • Targeting cookies – used for marketing purposes, which may be shared with third parties.

Third-Party Cookies

We may use third-party cookies when working with recognised platforms to enrich our performance and analyse our traffic.

We have no liability over other platforms’ cookies, so always check the cookie policy of each site you visit.

Concerns over Cookies

Although our cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information and cannot harm your device, some users may require individual control over their visits. You can adjust your settings through your browser’s settings. If you decide to clear your cookies, images and content may take more time to appear, and your user experience may be impacted.

By using Bitcoin Aussie System, you agree to the use of cookies, as per our Cookies Policy. If you don’t, refrain from using our website. Remember that if you reject our cookies, your user experience may suffer.